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Learn how to free yourself from anxieties with these 8 easy steps

Updated: Feb 24, 2019

Anxiety is not easy to detect, when i talked about my salamandre phobia, it was like an evidence that this kind of reptile should be feared as it has nothing to be appreciated. At my first regulation session, i brought this childhood phobia to the table as to test my auto regulation capacity and when released, i was like bizarrely free but not as such since i was anxious about the fact that it has gone and asking my self :what else to fear then?

This anxiety state was pushing me to test 3 times and more times further with my co regulators, till i awaken to a state that i was anxious about nothing but still need to be anxious.. this is how anxiety works in the background..all what it does is to prevent us to live the present moment and take the most of f life. To free are the steps:

  1. Listen to what you stress for

  2. Ask your self why

  3. What is the fear behind

  4. Do i have all the datas about all what could happen

  5. What is happening now within in terms of ( Sensations, images, feelings and thoughts)

  6. What happens if i let them evolve with doing nothing

  7. Do nothing and observe

  8. Keep observing

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