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Live the life you desire is already within

We are all searching for “something” (health, love, friendship, security, appre- ciation, self-realisation etc.) but our daily stress, anxiety, frustration, fears and multiple physical ailments prevent us from living the life we would like to lead.

We turn to activities such as meditation, yoga and a plethora of other methods to help us lead fulfilling lives. These activities are beneficial and provide some relief from our physical and emotio- nal pain, but, in reality, those difficulties persist and continue to present themselves in our daily lives.

We end up telling ourselves that these obstacles to our happiness are just an integral part of our existence and we accept them as-such.

What if the peace of mind and body that we are searching for is within us and is naturally within our reach?

Through his research, Luc Nicon has brought to light a natural physiological capacity to regulate emotions, showing us that, one emotion at a time, we can permanently regulate the emo- tional difficulties that prevent us from being our true selves.

Drawing on the experiences of hundreds of thousands of people, it is clear that by regulating our emotions, our discomfort disappears, whether it be emotional, behavioural or physical

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