Life Coaching

Get the Most out of Life

When it comes to start any project, the obstacles encountered may seem like challenging, in fact they are the only means that allow us to evolve.


To become aware of it, to change one's perception and to take advantage of all obstacles, life calls us to connect to ourselves and the resources that have their own intelligence and healing capabilities, we just need to learn how to allow them to do so

We can now access it, and redefine our ways to live :

 neither in the past, it is behind us,

 nor in the future, which is not there yet. But

 in the present: here and now!


To get in,  and help you take the most of your life, we offer:

  • Evaluation and report of your Emotional Intelligence EQi-2.0​

  • Reinventing your everyday life through emotional regulation.

  • Develop interpersonal skills and re-learn to live together (living with oneself, living with others, living with one's ecosystem).

Corporate Coaching

Collective transformation

To create wealth integrating the unexpected that does not align with what we value the most is perhaps simple to say than to live.

Since the industrial revolution, our human societies have avoided leaving the field open to groups of individuals to organize themselves out of fear that Chaos will take over.

Considering that fear, they have chosen more or less sure models to entrust their organization to charismatic individuals who, according to the level of human consciousness of that time, were able to direct the groups reporting to them.

The advent of disruptive technologies one after the other has disrupted the economic rythme of the enterprise and force somehow societies to live through a new socio economic models.

Brought by the 3rd and 4th digital revolution, the graceful technological means allow workforces to be increasingly volatile, the stock market, consumption and production patterns are changing at an unprecedented rate; the world becomes an interconnected set of communities.

How does the hierarchical enterprise and collectives survive these disruptions?and then the individual in this interactive complexity?

We respond ​with the following offerings:

Strategic and organizational transformation through Collective intelligence and appreciative inquiry enablement programs.

Workshops to live, work and thrive together through Team Building journey, Co-developement practices and agile delivery